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    Located at Tro Pang Sap village, Tro Pang Sap commune, Ba Ti district, Takeo province. Phnom Tamao can be accessible by the national road No 2 in 40 kilometer distance from Phnom Penh. Then turning right more five  kilometers by a trail. it takes 45 kilometers drive from Phnom Penh. Phnom Tamao is a varied site consisting of temples, mountain, nature and a big zoo in Cambodia. Phnom Tamao has 2,500 hectares land area called forest-protected area; in this area, the Department of Forestry has taken 1,200 hectares land area for planning trees and 70 hectares land area for organizing zoo. The 70 hectares land area consisting of five mountains namely : Phnom Tamao, Phnom Thmor Dos, Phnom Phdan Poan, Phnom Chhoy and Phnom Bang. Among the five mountains, two mountains have ancient temples are :

  • Tamao Temple ( is locate at Phnom Tamao) : Was build in 11th century during the reign of the king, Soryak Varman I dedicated to Brahmanism, the temple made of Thmor silt and red-solid brick, located on the peak of 30 meter mountain of Tamao, near Tamao pagoda. Now, the temple is damaged and is almost unrecognizable. 

  • Thmor Dos Temple ( is located at Phnom Thmor Dos) : The temple is located on a 35 meter mountain of Thmor Dos, northwest of Tamao temple and was built in 11th century. The temple made of Thmor silt and red-solid brick. Now, most of the temple is damaged. The people want to go to this temple for worshipping than Tamao temple.

In addition, Phnom Tamao has a big zoo in Cambodia; the zoo is under the supervision of the Department of Forestry, Ministry of Agriculture and has 84 varieties of animals and birds; two kinds of them are brought from abroad.

- There are 150-fourfooted animals consisting of 38 kinds.
- There are 300 birds consisting of 38 kinds.
- There are 30 reptiles consisting of 8 kinds.

All these animals are brought here by the Ministry of Agriculture and by seizing from offenders who illegally traffic in wild animals through out Cambodia. For taking care of these animals, we need to expend US$ 120 per day for food, and 22 staff and workers are working there. The average number of tourists visiting Phnom Tamao is 500-600 visitors per week; but during the festivals, there are 7,000-8,000 visitors per week. The local people for communes around the Phnom Tamao are earning money from selling food to tourists. We can extend package-tour program the above two resorts because these resorts are the popular sites for local and international tourists, and their location is near Phnom Penh. As the sites can attract many tourists, we expect to lure investors to invest on tourist facilitation and constructing the trail from the national road No 2 to the resorts. The Department of Forestry has a project on constructing an inside trail linking from Tonle Ba Ti to Phnom Tamao in 6 kilometers distance.

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